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ZAM FEST stands for the Generation “Z” Arts & Music Festival.

Are you tired of your kids glued to their computer screens at home? Appalled that LAUSD cut arts funding by 76% in the last five years? We were. That’s why we created ZAM FEST.

ZAM FEST is an annual festival that focuses on getting our kids off the couch by inspiring them to explore their creative passions. Our festival is filled with fun activities related to arts, music, and science. Your kids will never complain about being bored again.

ZAM FEST was inspired by Paul Kim’s eight-year-old daughter, who was always bored of all-the-same-things-to-do around town. Though inspired by Paul’s daughter, ZAM FEST quickly grew to appeal to a much larger audience, which includes other students, parents, schools, community groups, non-profits, and sponsors from Long Beach to Santa Monica, California.

Our first successful festival began in the summer of 2011 with almost 1,000 attendees. The next year, we had close to 1,800 attendees along with 21 corporate sponsors and partners, which included Radio Disney.

As Coachella is synonymous with fun and excitement for adults, we want
ZAM FEST to be the Coachella for Kids.